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Your New Year's Resolution to find your Dream Home Destination has Come True! - RG Group

Your New Year's Resolution to find your Dream Home Destination has Come True!

December, 24
Your New Year's Resolution to find your Dream Home Destination has Come True!

The greatest woman of all times, Malala Yousafzai, who is a Pakistani activist for women’s education, once said, “If you go anywhere, even Paradise, you will miss your home”. Certainly, she couldn’t have been righter in her words.

However, what if I told you that your place of residence was located in a residential Paradise?

Oh yes, I know I’ve got your attention on that one, haven’t I?

From all the residential real estate prowess that I possess, I must share with you my educational observation. I believe Greater Noida is an excellent choice for residential purposes. For someone who wants a beautiful balance of nature and concrete, in the name of their residential preference, Greater Noida is just about a picture-perfect option in Delhi/NCR region.

But obviously, now that I have told you about flats in Noida Extension; there must be another question that has popped up in your head. Exactly why Greater Noida is an excellent place for residential purposes?

Don’t worry; you’re allowed to poke and prod as much as possible, to get your facts checked. After all, buying a house is once-in-a-lifetime variety of resolution, which must be made with utter thoughtfulness.

Speaking of resolution, New Year’s is right around the corner. And if your New Year’s resolution is to find the Dream Home Destination for the humble abode of your reveries, then I’ve got it covered for you, my dearest avid readers.

Do you want to know what makes, Greater Noida, your Dream Home Destination? I mean, the world always talks about Flats in Noida and why Noida is practically the next best thing to happen to your new home. However, very little people talk about the advantages of living in Noida Extension.

Dear Readers, I must say that we’ve got some important things to learn, as of now.

Let’s discover Noida Extension aka Greater Noida, as the residential hub of today, which I surely believe that it is.

1. Planning

Undoubtedly, Greater Noida is a planned city; maybe even better planned than Noida. The cables are hidden, the roads are amazingly wide, and the sanitation is well taken care of, by the governmental authorities. Moreover, the pace of life in Greater Noida is quieter.

For people who are living in Gurugram, I believe that sanitation must be an issue there. And why mustn’t it be a problem? After all, as per the recent news article in Hindustan Times, Gurgaon has “an ailing drainage system” and “improper waste management practices prevalent across the city”. Moreover, there’s “lack of waste segregation at waste transfer stations, unauthorised dumps in the Aravallis as well as within city limits, and poor sewage conditions”.

If you are a resident of Gurugram, you are in dire need of this Dream Home Destination, my friends!

2. Population

According to World Population Review, Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, in terms of the population. What’s more is that it is anticipated to become the most populous city in the world, around 2028, according to NDTV news.

Sounds congesting and downright chaotic, right?

Enters Greater Noida.

Greater Noida is less populated. Perhaps less populated is not the right way to put things into perspective. This region is rather perfectly populated for residential reasons. One will not find Greater Noida to be overly boisterous with people, or entirely isolated because of lack of them.

3. The Green City

As you drive off from Noida and toward Greater Noida, you’ll notice the surroundings to get greener and airier. According to the Hindu Business Line, even when Greater Noida was being planned, initially, 23% of its space was to be set aside as green zone. Hence, somebody looking for a seamless residential area for their new home, has to keep this place on the top of their checklist.

4. The Industrial Agenda

Greater Noida is lacking in industries and commercial spaces. Nevertheless, I believe that this is exactly what makes this NCR region to be unquestionably fit for residential purposes.

Clearly, investing your hard-earned fortune in a property is a long term decision. As you grow old, you want to live in a neighbourhood that is more silent and away from the hustle-bustle of commercialisation.

Friends; Greater Noida is like a knight in shining armour. And this armour is greener, cleaner and just begging to save you from a life of chaos.

5. Traffic and Pollution

Living in property in Noida Extension is all about living with all kinds of amenities, without the commotion of incessant vehicular traffic, or pollution (air and noise). If this isn’t what Dream Home Destinations are made of, then I don’t know what you’re looking for!

6. Power Supply

Greater Noida is wonderful in terms of power supply. One will hardly see any power cuts, whilst living here. Any which ways, I request you to conserve electricity, because it is scarce. And also because over-consumption will cause you to spend too much money on paying the bills.

And I would rather have you save all that precious money, so that you can move into your Dream Home Destination, aka, Greater Noida.

7. Job Opportunities

Indeed, after Noida, Greater Noida is the next big centre for job opportunities. The IT sector and other major companies, like, HCL and Vivo have already realised the potential that Greater Noida has to be the next big thing, in terms of employment prospects.

So, wouldn’t you also want to be the one to decipher Greater Noida for the gem that it is?

8. Great Infrastructure at a Great Cost

Oh yes! Finally a place that is not going to make me cry out of sheer of distress, as I pay for the acquisition of my Dream Home.

New projects in Noida Extension are promising a great deal of quality, in terms of infrastructure, at the same time as not compromising on the affordability factor. Within the next few years, if I successfully save up enough money, a breath-taking 3 BHK flat in Noida Extension will be very well within my means.

And this is coming from a financially independent person, who has doesn’t come from any old money.

I think we just drew out a Conclusion…

Projects in Noida Extension are just about perfect for residential purposes. However, for better clarity, let me narrow it down to this one particular residential project in Greater Noida, which most probably could be the next big thing to ever happen to you.

Check out this Upcoming Residential Project in Greater Noida!

Welcome to RG Luxury Homes, where Exclusivity has a New Address.

RG Luxury Homes is the new and upcoming residential project in Greater Noida (West), Sector 16B. From what I’ve heard, this project is offering the best of everything; maybe even a little bit more than what the others are offering. Who doesn’t want to live inside a gated community with one of the largest, greenest landscaped podium garden, spacious interiors and exteriors for ample availability of sunlight and air, 4 high-speed lifts in each building, 3 side open apartments, and numerous exciting sports facilities?

If I had enough money to buy an apartment, I would’ve invested my money on RG Luxury Homes for sure. Anyway, safe to say that I’m getting there.

In a world where everything seems to be outright mundane and monotonous; who doesn’t want a slice of exclusivity?

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