Want to Know the Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Real Estate Investment?

by Nishtha Chawla
August , 02
Want to Know the Top 5 Most Expensive Cities for Real Estate Investment?

A rich man, who strongly believed in intelligent investments, once said, “The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”

Since India is majorly an agricultural village, with about 13.7% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, it still must be wondrous for our elders to witness the importance and appreciation of these beautiful structures of concrete. Nevertheless, here is the fact of the matter; the Indian real estate business is minting a whole lot of money right now. You would be astounded to know that the Indian real estate business is expected to touch $180 billion (USD) by the year 2020.

In span of a decade, we have seen some of the biggest companies in the world setting up offices in India’s top urban cities. An increase in demand for commercial real estate has led to an increase in demand for residential real estate. People living in the villages have started to shift to glamorous, glitzy metropolitan cities, in search of good employment opportunities. Fast forwarding to 2018, the India real estate market is displaying eye-opening growth prospects.

Delving deeper into this subject, we want to give you the ultimate proof of concept. Want to know the top 5 most expensive cities for real estate investment? Check them out below!

1. Mumbai

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps.

Most people identify Mumbai as the home to the Indian film industry, aka, Bollywood. Combine it some of the major financial institutions in the world, today, Mumbai has become one of the top 10 commercial centres across the globe. This implies that some of the top companies in the world have set up their offices in Mumbai, hence leading to a radical increase in employment opportunities for the Indian populace.

Obviously, people are going to move to this city for a better paycheque, right?

Mumbai’s land covers somewhat of a small space, but the demand for commercial and residential real estate here, is rather high. Due to limited supply, and greater demand, the prices of realty in Mumbai have skyrocketed. Other factors for this price increase are, amazing connectivity, ease of amenity access, and lifestyle affordability.

2. Delhi

In the words of the legendary, A.R. Rahman, “Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar; Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar…” Well, besides all that mentioned above, Delhi is also famed for expensive property. Important political people grace the capital of our country, with other benefits such as, dexterous public transportation, and world-class infrastructure. No wonder that the cost of an apartment in Delhi would smack you hard in the head, for a second there. Delhi has no dearth of amenities, employment opportunities and educational facilities. Therefore, the price of commercial and residential real estate in Delhi is rather high, as for now.

So, are you still wondering why the rent of your apartment in Delhi is exorbitantly high?

3. Chennai and Bangalore

There are a lot of under construction projects, which have come up in the Southern India. Top players in the real estate industry sectors are working day and night to transform Southern India into a beautiful realty hub. Chennai and Bangalore are technologically advanced cities, which makes them nothing short of a pan sizzling with hot oil, waiting for big commercial offices to be set up. People are shifting to these cities in hopes of accomplishing a fat paycheque in some top-notch business conglomerate. Moreover, these metropolitan cities have ample availability of amenities and transportation.

4. Pune

Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra, and a developing IT centre. Besides the IT sector, this city is also showing rapid growth in the real estate sector. If you’re wondering why, this city is a home to many students, industrialists, and job goers/seekers. The fact that Pune is very well connected to Mumbai seems to be a bonus. Therefore, the demand for both the commercial and residential realty is quite elevated in Pune. Coupled with some of the most happening outing spaces for friends and family, admittedly, buying a property in this city would definitely require a lot of dough.

5. Hyderabad

Let us talk about this beautiful land of biryani.

Hyderabad is a densely populated metropolitan city. Top college campuses are located in this city, making it to be the nucleus of scholastic youth. Major IT companies are being set up, combined with the fact that esteemed real estate builders are constantly planning and executing gorgeous realty projects here. Thanks to the easy of living in Hyderabad, people are shifting their households from their traditional, rural set-ups to dreamy urban arrangements. Clearly, the real estate business is no joke, in this metropolitan.

Moral of the story: Investing in real estate is an expensive chore.

But there is always a solution to every problem.

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