Top Bollywood Celebs Know that the Secret to getting Richer is a Good Business

September , 04
Top Bollywood Celebs Know that the Secret to getting Richer is a Good Business

Want to Know How to Own a Good Business? Read More to Know More.

Shahrukh Khan is also esteemed for his impeccable business acumen, besides being the king of mushy romance and making girls swoon in longing. According to Forbes, he is one of the wealthiest actors in the world. From sleeping on Band Stand and dreaming of owning a palatial home like Mannat, to actually owning it; Shahrukh Khan’s life has been nothing short of a movie-like journey. In an interview with Huff Post India, Shahrukh Khan once said, “Don’t be a philosopher or a teacher without being rich. Money is extremely important. Earn it when you can.”

I just fell in love with him a bit more, than before. (Sigh)

That is beside the point, though. Anyway, exactly why is money so important?

Well first, you need money for everything in the world; from the most basic necessity such as, food, to the most glamorous luxury, like, that glossy limited edition Lamborghini. Sounds tempting, right?

The secret to rolling in money is rather simple. Become the proud owner of a good business.

Smart Savings + Smart Investment = High Revenue = Good Business

Very simple, right?

Okay, maybe not so much.

How can you Invest Smartly?

Location is the key to a good business.

Good Business = your dreams of rolling in money, coming truer than ever!

There are a few factors, which define the true meaning of the commercial location of your dreams. In a 2018 research paper by Colliers International, it is mentioned that Noida will increase the supply of commercial real estate by around 45%, within the next 3 to 5 years. Noida commercial realty market underwent some major lease transactions with some major multinationals such as, Amazon, Intel, Ameriprise, 3 Piller etc. in the year 2017. Also, Samsung India is said to make an investment of around ₹5000 crore to set up the largest mobile factory in Noida.

There must be a reason for these big players to be setting up their fancy offices in Noida, right?

Why Buy Office Space in Noida?

1. Affordability

Commercial property in Noida is affordable. Gurgaon remains to be the biggest office market in NCR region, and therefore, offers pricey office space. The average rent in Noida is almost 35% cheaper, as compared to the rent of commercial property in Gurgaon. Many IT companies that are trying to cut back on the backend cost are opting for commercial real estate in Noida.

2. Ample Availability of Consumer

Collier International’s research paper on Noida’s real estate market suggests that the consumer’s interest has been considerably amped up in the residential space. In the year 2018, Noida residential sales have seen a whopping jump of 77%. Affluent suburban population has swiftly commenced to crowd this region. Increased residential crowd involuntarily proposes an increase in establishment of commercial spaces. Consequently, this will lead to opening up of businesses, both small and large scale.

3. Architectural Splendour

Yes, that’s correct! Noida is the next big commercial hub, because of how one can find some beautiful, spacious, world-class office space, at a very cost-effective number.

4. Connectivity

There is an international airport coming up at Jewar (Yamuna Expressway). The Metro connectivity is amazing in Noida, and also on the verge of a major expansion. There is abundant accessibility to public transport, such as, the bus, rickshaws etc. Parking isn’t a hassle in Noida, as compared to what a big chore it is in Gurgaon. The roads are more spacious, hence, leading to lesser traffic. Clearly, it doesn’t come as a surprise when said that even a person living in the remotest ends of Delhi, will easily be able to travel all the way to Noida for professional reasons.

And there’s this brilliant bonus of abundant greenery, something that is very much lacking in Gurgaon.

But, where in Noida should you invest for Commercial Real Estate?

Like I said, location is the key to a good business. You’ve got the best commercial project in Noida by RG Group. RG Square is located in Sector 120, Noida; a commercial complex that is built on the footing of immense assurance.

At RG Square, you’re offered lavishly vast office space at a location that is familial, with R.G. Residency housing more than 1300 happy families and other residential establishments in the neighbourhood. You’ve got a lot of parking space here, with the addition of extensive green space. Sector 120 barely sees any traffic, because of wider roads. This commercial complex is THE hub of business for prominent brands like, Dominos, IDBI Bank, Apollo Pharmacy, Affinity Salon, and many more, coming soon.

Your Business at RG Square = Good Business = your dreams of rolling in money, coming truer than ever!

So, are you looking for the most amazing office space in Delhi NCR?

Invest in RG Square, where there is no such thing as bad business.

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