This Karwa Chauth, Live Closer to the Moon

October , 24
This Karwa Chauth, Live Closer to the Moon

Nothing describes love better than the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Let’s face it; going hungry and thirsty for an entire day sounds like a hard job, even in my imagination. I, as a wife, adore my husband way too much, because otherwise, there is no way for me to go without a morsel of food, or a sip of water, for what always feels like an endless amount of time.

However, once upon a time, on a gorgeous full moon night, someone had drank too much love potion and said, “True love knows no boundaries”. And that was it; all kinds of barriers were broken, explicitly to express what love truly meant. Hence, coming back to what I declared initially; nothing describes love better than the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Nevertheless, acting upon such unconditional love, hearing our stomachs rumble for delicious delicacies, for hours, is definitely a tough cookie to crack. But, for wives like myself, the joy and ease of fasting on the lovely day of Karwa Chauth increases a lot. Do you want to know how?

My property in Noida is situated on the 20th floor of a beautiful residential society in Noida.

This residential complex is an exclusive gated community, located in a low density sector of Central Noida. My 3 BHK apartment is positioned quite high, admittedly. We were a little sceptical in buying a home on one of the upper floors, when we had come here for a site visit. Our budget was strictly defined, and the only apartment that looked breath-taking and fitted right into our budget was this stunning 3 BHK on the 20th floor. I remember how on our first site visit, as my husband and I had looked at the outside world through the balcony, it had been like looking at the world from one of those posh high rise buildings in Singapore or Dubai.

So, without further ado, we spent our life savings on it and just hoped for our familial lives to go through a rocking upgrade.

Oh yes, we went through a spectacular upgrade!

Let me tell you how year after year, the Karwa Chauth in my family became an unforgettable fiesta, because of our home on the 20th floor.

1. Now, I live closer to the moon.

At least a lot closer than before. In fact so close, that the Noida skyline appears to be exquisite from up the 20th floor.

I had never truly realised the aesthetical importance of the Full Moon, before our first night of Karwa Chauth, at our new home at RG Residency. Staring at the full moon from our balcony at 20th floor, had been nothing short of a moment of brilliance. The sour white moon had looked bigger and brighter. Ending the fast with my beloved husband’s fond company on the moonlit balcony, and the moon seeming to be closer than ever; was a one in a million kind of a moment, indeed.

Now that I think about it, would my Karwa Chauth have been similarly outstanding, had I bought one of 3 BHK flats in Noida, on the 4th floor?

2. 3 Balconies for a constant view of the full moon.

Wherever I go, I get to see the full moon in all its dazzling glory.

My 3 BHK has three spacious balconies; an advantage that I cherish a little too much. Last Karwa Chauth, my family and I got to witness all the balconies equally sparkling in the glimmer of the moonlight. For once, I didn’t have to worry about breaking the fast at a specific angle/location, mostly because whichever balcony out of the 3, I went to, the moon shone at me blindingly, all the same. Moreover, every moment between my husband and me, felt like the most personal one, because of greater distance between towers.

Karwa Chauth may be a festival of restless longing, but with an end of such sweetest variety, I wouldn’t mind fasting for such a long time. Granted that I continue to live in my top floor 3 BHK.

3. A Spacious Home for the Ultimate Karwa Chauth After-Party.

Here’s an amazing fact about my humble abode: The property here is splendidly spacious.

For that matter, the property in Greater Noida and Noida is designed to be luxuriously spacious. From the multiple balconies to the common area of the apartment, every corner of the house is curated for relaxation of the residents.

Yes, the stories of my previous Karwa Chauth ceremonies, sing about relaxation, joy and boundless merriment. All because of how spacious and airy, my 3 BHK apartment is.

After all, who wants to feel like the walls of their home are closing down upon them, right when they’re going through a challenging fast?

So, How About a Home at RG Residency for Many Beautiful Karwa Chauths to Come?

RG Residency is a residential establishment, located in Sector 120, Central Noida.

Yes, I believe that buying a home at RG Residency has led to the creation of numerous unforgettable stories for me and my family. Since Karwa Chauth is right next door, I think as a woman and a wife, you should consider investing in your home sweet home, right here. Aim for one of the higher floors, because the view from up there is spectacular.

Think long term; think about how you deserve to have the most beautiful Karwa Chauth every year. Not for yourself only, but for your loving husband too.

This residential property for sale is running out of apartments, so you should probably hurry up and arrange a site visit.

Remember, the view is important; because we know that you love your sweetheart to the moon and back.

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