This Festive Season, Why Should You Buy a Home?

September , 21
This Festive Season, Why Should You Buy a Home?

And once again, the world seems to be the most beautiful place ever.

I was singing and dancing in euphoria this morning, thinking along those lines. My parents had asked me, exactly why I was in such a good mood, and my answer had been simple. It is the festive season!

This is the time when you have got all kinds of exciting festivals knocking at your door, such as, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali, Durga Puja, and so many more. Personally, I always get thrilled about the festive season, because there is a constant flow of mithai, new clothes, guests, and giggles in my house. There is hardly any dull moment.

Anyway, let’s get to why I was singing and dancing in rapture, this morning. I read an article online, about the benefits of buying a house during the festive season. Believe me, they were some eye-catching benefits. However, you must be thinking exactly how is this article related to the story of my life?

My family and I; we live in a rented 3 BHK apartment.

We had been planning to buy a house anyway, but my parents were waiting for the right moment. This festive season is the perfect moment for our family to own a home, I think. And no, I would never recommend my family to spend a fortune on property, if I didn’t think of this festive season to be the perfect time.

For my dearest, most avid readers, I would like to enlist all the attractive points for precisely why this festive term, you should invest in the house of your dreams. Reading this blog will be worthy of your time; believe you me.

1. The Most Auspicious Time, for a Decision so Prime

People believe that festivals are auspicious, because they bring with themselves times of happiness, togetherness and joy. Nevertheless, there is an astrological significance associated with festivals. These festivals are celebrated as per the movement of the planets, the sun and the moon in space. Also, these festivals are attached with numerous mythological deities, which are believed to be signs of good fortune.

Obviously, buying a house is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. My parents have been feeding off this agenda since who knows how long; constantly fretting about how their dream home should look like. I think, there can be no better time for a home buyer to purchase property, than the very opportune festive season.

2. A Help at the Hands of the Banks

The bliss and goodness associated with the festive season, tends to have a changing effect, even on the banking sector. Banks genuinely want you to buy the home of your dreams, and hence, offer beneficial loaning schemes, like, lower rates of interest, and waivered processing fee.

3. Ample Availability of Inventory

Now that these big shot real estate companies have spread out the red carpet in our honour, with brilliant offers brandishing in our lines of vision; they make sure to open all kinds of inventory to our disposal. Every developer makes sure that the customer has a lot of inventory to choose from.

After all, no stone must be left unturned for this property bonanza.

4. The Great Bonus Story

Let us not forget the sweetest treat of all; the great Diwali bonus!

Diwali Bonus = More Money = Higher Disposable Income = Home Sweet Home

5. Offers, Deals and Discounts!

It’s time for you to take out those fancy wine glasses from the back of your kitchen cabinet, and give a toast, over a fancy Sunday dinner.

The best offers, deals and discounts are floating around in the real estate market!

There is a lot of competition in the market. One’s brand needs to stand out, effectively. The best way to stand out in the customer’s eye is for the realty developer to formulate an offer/deal to attract the customer to buy his product. Therefore, the festive season is beneficial for a home buying customer. You’re going to get a basket full of eye-catching offers from a bunch of builders, who are going to promise you nothing but the best.

My parents are literally going through all kinds of media, digital and print; looking for the best offers in real estate.

6. Once a Festival, Always a Festival

They say, “All good things come to an end.”

Not here, buddy!

Once you invest in the home of your dreams, your familial life will commence a journey to beautifully drive off into the sunset. You won’t have to pay rent anymore; you will save a lot of tax money; and most importantly, your family will have a sense of belonging to that home. Certainly, this home buying decision during the festive season is probably going to be the best decision of your life.

I Found Some Amazing Apartments to Choose From…

There are so many beautiful residential projects in Noida. As a home buyer, you have got to check out the Noida real estate market. This weekend, my parents are planning to check out a residential project called, RG Residency in Sector 120, Noida.

If you want to know exactly why you should own a property in Noida, Sector 120, then read this blog to know more.

On my part, I did some research on RG Residency Sector 120, and would like to impart the acquired knowledge, to my keen readers.

What is it about RG Residency that has made more than 1300 families want to buy instant happy living here? The fact that RG Residency offers to 3/3.5 BHK apartments at affordable prices makes it one of the finest residential projects in the region of Noida. There’s a whole lot of greenery in this residential project, and from what I’ve read and seen so far; the apartments are super spacious. And there’s a big offer that RG Residency has introduced for all the home buyers.

Cue the drum roll…

Personally, I think this one of the most exciting offers that I have seen this season, in Noida real estate market. I mean I showed the offer advertisement to my parents, and they went nuts about it. They are looking forward to visit the site, this weekend. I recommend that your family should too.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this offer, call 1800-3002-3008. The sales guy I talked to was amazing in his pitch; he had me convinced. The guy ended our call on a melodious note, saying, “Ghar paao, aur saath mein festival ka WOW offer bhi le jaao!”

Now with a spectacular sales pitch like that, why in the world won’t I go to check out RG Residency?

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