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This Christmas, Welcome to the World of Affordable Luxury - RG Group

This Christmas, Welcome to the World of Affordable Luxury

December, 05
This Christmas, Welcome to the World of Affordable Luxury

Another holiday season is upon us.

As I type these words on the screen of my computer, my heart hums to the tune of Jingle Bells rather melodiously. My little brother can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree, and my mother is already going through numerous cake-bake tutorials, hoping to find the perfect Christmas cake recipe to bake for us.

Nevertheless, I know what you’re thinking. Christmas is almost a month away. Why would I be yapping about festivities and gifts, already?

Let me tell you a secret.

Santa Claus has already arrived on my doorstep. Santa knows what you and I have been dreaming about, this entire year. Hence, he comes bearing the biggest gift of this holiday season.

Santa wants to welcome you to the world of Affordable Luxury!

For those of you who think that luxury isn’t for everyone, I want you to think again.

Trending on Social Media, this Holiday Season: #Luxury2All

I want to say this to the man who advised the world to “Live within your Means”.

Okay, Mr Know-It-All, let’s do things your way, for once. Although, I can’t crush my dream of living in the lap of luxury. It’s my right to live my life in the best possible way, and I’m not going to make a compromise, just because I don’t earn a couple million dollars by the end of every financial year, like one of those beautiful Bollywood celebrities.

I’m hoping that my avid readers feel the same way about living their lives most luxuriously. Maybe we could even trend this agenda on social media with a hashtag that goes something like, #Luxury2All?

Just saying!

Anyway, I come with a solid agenda in this week’s blog.

We deserve a lifestyle that reeks of splendour. Our Home Sweet Home should be as luxurious as they come. And I assure you that it will be too.

Because like I said, I have Santa sitting right beside me, telling me about flats in Noida extension that come with a splash of opulence and affordability.

Exclusivity has a New Address

This Christmas, Welcome to the World of Affordable Luxury

Welcome to RG Luxury Homes, where Exclusivity has a New Address.

Everything about this property in Greater Noida is tailor-made, for you to own.

This is one of new projects in Noida Extension, and I have done quite a bit of research on this one. Mentioned below are a few points that make RG Luxury Homes stand apart from other new projects in Noida and Greater Noida.

1. Independent Towers

For those of you who don’t know what independent towers means, it is greater distance between 2 towers. Clearly, more distance between two towers means that more sunlight and air is bound to pass through the buildings. For me, a combination of ample sunlight and ventilation creates an environment that is as fresh as the morning dew.

2. Speedy elevators in each tower

We all know how important elevators are in a high-rise residential building, don’t we? At RG Luxury Homes, they’ve got 4 elevators inside each tower. Each elevator is as speedy and secure as they come.

3. Central landscaped podium garden

The landscaped podium garden at RG Luxury Homes is around 7.5 acres. Apparently, this is one of the biggest podium garden in any residential complex of Noida Extension.

4. 3 side open apartments

All the apartments at RG Luxury Homes are 3 side open, which means that each apartment has 3 balconies that come with abundant sunlight and ventilation.

Hurrah! Because the more the balconies, the more the mental recreation.

5. The Luxury of Spacious Apartments

Any amount of emphasis on the importance of a spacious home is rather less, I believe. It is important for me that the home I own must provide to me a sense of freedom and peace of mind, for all those times when I need a breather. Well, you can rest assured, because the 2/3 BHK apartments at RG Luxury Homes are luxuriously spacious.

6. Exclusivity in the form of a gated community

RG Luxury Homes is a gated community; hence, giving you the feeling of living in a world that has been tailor-made as per your tastes and preferences. If that isn’t exclusive for you, then I don’t what is!

Man, this list seems to be long, right? I mean, this project promises indulgences of a lifetime; the kind of lifestyle that you should have been leading since the day you were born. Nonetheless, it’s never too late.

A Price Tag that makes you Smile

A lot of times, when I lay my eyes on something that doesn’t fit my budget, whilst on a shopping spree, a black hole of disappointment tries to suck me in. However, this holiday season is special. Santa Claus has prematurely made his way over to my house; my mother’s making hot chocolate for the both of us, in the kitchen, and I have the biggest surprise for my avid readers.

At least for those who are looking to buy home in Noida (Extension)!

RG Luxury Homes is a luxurious residential project, offering 2/3 BHK apartments, starting @ ₹43.70 lakhs only. From the lush, green podium garden to the superbly spacious apartments, from 3 tier security system to abundant space for parking of your vehicles; everything at RG Luxury Homes is the definition of lavishness and freedom.

For more information on this amazing housing project, you can check out their website and arrange a site visit ASAP. My holiday season has started off on the best foot ever. So, I urge you to pick up that phone right this second.

This Christmas, it's time to own the Luxury.

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