Paying Rent is a Liability. Paying Home Loan EMI is an Asset

August , 21
Paying Rent is a Liability. Paying Home Loan EMI is an Asset

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The end of the month is approaching soon, and the time to pay up is looming.

It’s going to be Rent Time!

Your landlord must be getting out the party poppers from the back of his/her closet, in hopes of cashing out the hefty rent cheque that you’d hand out to him/her. As for yourself, I’m guessing that rent could very well be like a tight noose around your neck, keeping you from breathing in the fresh air.

And, we all know that fresh air is very important for a healthy, happy life. Believe me, when I say that I want you to live a healthy, happy life.

So tell me…

Have you ever fantasized about not having to pay rent?

Yes, that imagination must be nothing short of perfection for you.

Here’s an advice; Please stop paying rent.

I recommend that with good reason.

I am somebody you can absolutely relate with. I have been through the hassles of paying a substantial amount for rent at the end of every month, for a 2 BHK apartment, which wasn’t even to my satisfaction. I got lectures from my friends and family, who always told me that I should stop complaining all the time. And also that I should be grateful for a (leaky) roof over my head, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t my own. The society wanted me to settle in life.

Nope, I wasn’t going to settle for just about anything; at least not in this life!

Therefore, I decided to buy a house. Miraculously, things started to work out for me.

I know, I know! You must be thinking about how I recklessly hopped from paying rent to paying monthly EMIs. However, the EMIs are what actually gave me the ultimate life upgrade.

For those of you who are curious about the aftermath of buying a beautiful, dreamy home, here’s how my life changed for the better.

1. Now, I have an asset in my name; something I can call my own.

My previous house; It was rented. I didn’t own it. I couldn’t call it my own.

Now that I have bought a house in Noida (Delhi NCR), I can proudly say that I have an asset in my name. This roof over my head is mine.

And it’s not leaky, folks!

I don’t think twice about paying the monthly EMI now, because this kind of expenditure is for something that belongs to me, solely. I am the happy camper here, instead of my grumpy landlord, who said that he would rather have us leave his property than us crib about that annoying, leaky roof.

2. Creativity started to poke my family, in all the right places.

When we moved into our new property in Noida, you won’t believe the kind of plans my daughter had for her bedroom. From the colour of her bedroom walls to the placement of the funky bean bags; she had it all mapped out in her head. I remember her being so excited, as if she were the next Sussanne Khan Roshan. I also remembered her coming up to me in our rented apartment and asking if she could have the walls of her bedroom painted into a beautiful shade of pink. Obviously, I had disapproved of the same, because our landlord wasn’t as liberal.

Watching her jumping around in excitement, about the décor of her bedroom was an emotional moment, indeed.

Since then, the thought of paying the EMIs became absolutely worth it.

3. As opposed to the rent, my EMI won’t increase in amount.

With each passing year, Mr Grumpy Pants (that’s what I call the landlord sometimes) used to get richer. He used to pocket an appreciated amount of rent, every second year.

I used to pay an appreciated amount of rent, every second year. (Sighs)

Then, I moved into the home of my dreams. It’s amazing how the EMI amount is not going to appreciate, with every passing year. The EMI is always going to stick to an assured sum till the stretch you’ve completely paid it off.

This blog is started to feel more like a sappy infomercial, with me being the perfect poster kid, narrating to you the miserable before(s) and the cheerful afters of my renovated life.

4. Guess what? My Dream Home is an appreciating purchase.

I want to pat myself on the back for buying something that will appreciate in value, in the coming years. I’ve learnt that in life, there are very few purchases in our life that appreciate in value. Buying a house can make you richer than most investments.

If the idea of paying EMI to own an appreciating investment and getting rich doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest, then I don’t know what on earth possibly will.

5. Newsflash: There are attractive tax benefits on a home loan.

Paying taxes is important for the overall development of a nation.

Doesn’t mean that you have to like it while doing so.

Nevertheless, there’s good news for me! The principal payment of my home loan is entitled to a tax deduction, under Section 80C.

This subject of tax benefits is an extensive topic, locked safely in my head, for another blog. Stay tuned for that one!

What is the Ultimate Solution for you?

The solution is very simple, and I won’t hesitate to say it again.

Please stop paying rent. Just buy for your family and yourself, your dream home, where you can see your family grow and blossom into a thing of beauty.

Because as John Keats once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

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No wonder that people are looking to own a piece of this hot property. You should check this place out, before every last unit sells out. Here’s a life-changing tip; you would love the view from top, if you’re into an apartment on one of the upper floors.

Anyway, moving on, charity begins at home. So, buy an apartment, for immense emotional and monetary fulfilment.

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