Myth Busted; Dieting is not how Fitness can be Achieved

August , 27
Myth Busted; Dieting is not how Fitness can be Achieved

Check out how over 1300 Families are enjoying Fitness to the Fullest

Once upon a time, there was a man named, Svasth, who was meditating on top of the Himalayas. The weather was colder than ever and Svasth was a shivering mess, whilst trying to concentrate on his inner Zen. He wondered exactly why he had to move out of Delhi, to gain a semblance of the healthy lifestyle that he always craved. Why did he escape one of the most developed cities in the country, only to find himself landed on a mountain top, which was so freezing that it could have him pee an icicle? A wise man had whispered a few words of wisdom to Svasth, on one fine morning, over a cup of steaming cappuccino. “Healthy isn’t a goal. It’s a way of living.” Since then, he had transformed, packed his bags and got a one way ticket to the Himalayas.

And as you know it, the rest is history…

Sightseeing the gorgeous Himalayas, and wondering if life is much more than a wad of cash of more in your pocket; I encountered Svasth. Meeting him was like an epiphany. Life is beautiful, but not always on top of a freezing mountain.

And also that Mr Svasth had to move into a well-settled residential society. Just like me!

Word has it that “Health and Wellness” is the newest trend on the block. Every industry, from the fashion to the real estate, is working day and night, to adapt to this trending concept. According to the Global Wellness Institute, “building for wellness will become the norm.”

Also, in a research article by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is clearly mentioned that a considerable change in the natural environment of any housing development can change the healthy behaviours of the community and promote its unity.

Imagine if Svasth invested in a house that valued his health just as much as he does. Chances are that he won’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a bunch of doctors, and woollens. It’s time for Svasth to stop freezing to death, take a flight back to Delhi, and move all the way to Noida.

As a home buyer, I wanted Svasth to be more educated than most. Hence, I sent him out on an expedition, where he had to check out some of the best residential projects in Noida. It took time, but he successfully discovered the place with the home of his dreams. It’s called RG Residency, in Sector 120, Noida.

Svasth found the true meaning of fitness at RG Residency. Check out which amenities in this group housing society encourages people to be best friends with fitness and health!

1. Greenery

Public health and residential planning are interlinked; a fact that has faded from face of the modern world. RG Residency sector 120, is a little different in that regard. This property in Noida is the truest reflection of how the Indian residential real estate has transformed over the decade.

RG Residency is the first ever central landscaped podium project in Noida. This landscaped podium garden is lush, green and expansive. Keeping in mind the housing needs of a person, RG Residency ensures that the coexistence of the beautiful greenery and the towering structures of concrete, is harmonious.

Because let’s face it; one can’t live amidst the savageness of the Amazon rainforest, to get closer to Mother Nature.

Oh yes, Svasth can already imagine himself mediating on the grassy podium prairies, and successfully achieving that inner Zen. Can you?

2. The Sports Facilities

For those who don’t want to meditate on the grassy podium, RG Residency has in store for them, the exciting sports facilities. You have got so many options to choose from. Dunk that ball in the basketball court, exhibit your superb skating skills in the spacious skating rink, sweat it out on the jogging track, win a competition or two on the tennis and badminton court, or just let your kids freely giggle around in the vibrantly colourful play area.

In terms of the sports facilities, there’s no dearth of what we have in store for you.

You just have to be smart, come and get it.

3. A Healthy Environment for Social Cohesion

Do you want to know what this residential society in Sector 120 stands for?

A society that lives together, mingles together.

Frequent social gatherings lead to a decline in communal disparities, which consequentially induces positivity into the environment. An atmosphere of merriment and festivity, brings a sense of activity within people. And in a world where your newspaper is blotted with countless news of war and bloodshed, doesn’t it sound amazing to live in a society that is based on the notion of never-ending positivity?

4. An Amenity-Friendly Neighbourhood

Besides the state of the body, fitness is a state of mind too.

A fit mind always reaches out to the best educational facilities. As for the body, it needs the assistance of top notch medical institutions for a stable upkeep.

Dear Mr Svasth, you can throw all your cares in the air.

Because RG Residency has been strategically developed in a neighbourhood that hosts some of the best medical and educational institutions in the region of Noida.

What do you take Home from this?

Clearly, the answer lies in the question. You take a Home at RG Residency.

Welcome to RG Residency, where happiness comes home. Live amid a community of more than 1300 families, where you will find the people you can belong with. Close your eyes and imagine your family sitting in the balcony, spending moments of joy with you, all the while feeling sun-kissed and refreshed. Contrary to how other sectors in Noida are designed; Sector 120 is rather micro-managed as per your residential requirements. Amenities and calmness, everything is readily available here. Don’t just buy a house in Noida; invest in the home of your dreams at RG Residency, Sector 120, Noida.

As for our friend, Mr Svasth; I can already see him calling at 1800-3002-3008, to book his dream home at RG Residency.

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