More Homes will lead to More Trees in the Urban Setting

October , 03
More Homes will lead to More Trees in the Urban Setting

Want to Know Exactly How? Here's How

Remind me again, exactly why does the world need a constant provision of homes? For starters, building homes all about the city premises is imperative to humanity for so many reasons.

  • • Shelter is the most basic necessity of a human life.
  • • Lack of sufficient housing means lack of development, in an urban setting.
  • • Lack of sufficient housing also means that the chances of slumming increases. The setting up of unorganised, unhygienic slums is a huge impediment to urban development.
  • • In a world with an ever-growing population, an adequate provision of quality housing is a must.

And we all know why trees are important, right? Trees = Oxygen = Life = Hurrah!

I believe that the significance of a owning a home is completely at par with the existence of trees on this planet. The coexistence of the two is what the modern real estate industry is all about. Nevertheless, I am sure that a lot of my readers have an opinion, enormously contrary to mine.

Raise your hand if you believe that an increment in housing complexes is the major cause of deforestation.

Clap your hands if you are convinced that a reduction in construction of housing developments will lead to a decline in deforestation.

Tap your feet if you think that less homes is a sure shot ticket to more trees in the city.

Now dance the day away, because this blog is going to change your line of thought with a revelation like never before.

More Homes = More Trees

Oh yes, you read that absolutely right!

However, I come with immense proof. Mentioned below are a few reasons as to why construction of more homes is going to lead to an escalation in the green area.

1. Value of the Property Increases, Considerably.

As opposed to the rural world, the urban universe is a bit lacking in nature. For the urban populace, nature and greenery is like the forbidden fruit. A garden embedded with countless trees and lush greenery, might as well be like a forest to the city dwellers. Don’t you think that the real estate developers are going to heavily monetize on this human behaviour?

Since the demand for nature and green area amidst the customer’s home is significantly high, the real estate builders know exactly what to construct, in the form of their customer’s home. The modern real estate is all about the coexistence of the soothing nature, with the practical houses of bricks and cement. Since, the customer is willing to pay a higher sum of money for a home with generous green area, the real estate developers make it their sole mission to develop a product that is a gorgeous blend of the natural and the man-made world.

2. A Part and Parcel of Developmental Changes

All kinds of realty development needs to happen, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. This is important for smooth operations of the human civilization.

Sightline Institute, an American Institute that deals in research of affordable housing, environment, and sustainable construction; figured out in a recent study that an increase in construction of homes, led to an increase in trees as well, in Seattle and Portland. There was a 12% increase in the canopy of trees, in areas that included group housing residential areas, commercial and industrial regions as well.

However, the single-family, detached homes had lesser trees in sight.

I wonder why…

3. Urban Greening Guidelines

Our government understands the prominence of environment preservation. Hence, they have developed a set of Urban Greening Guidelines that highlight the influence of urbanization on urban greenery, and then suggest appropriate practices for bettering it. Apparently, New Delhi is one of the greenest cities in the world, due to stringent monition of deforestation and a constant emphasis on implanting greens. The government realizes the importance of having a residential space amidst expansive, refreshing greenery. Therefore, the state governments of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Pune, Sikkim, Jaipur etc. are giving attractive incentives to realty developers for building green residential establishments.

Care to Recommend a Residential Complex Amid Abundant Greenery?

Of course, I care. Are you searching for your Home to O2?

I have the perfect group housing society in mind, for everyone who dreams of owning a beautiful home that cherishes the environment, at the same time as catering to their daily needs.

RG Residency Sector 120 is one of the residential projects in Noida by RG Group that already hosts more than a 1300 happy families. RG Residency has a vast central landscaped podium garden, for you and your family to relax over the weekends. Now that it’s monsoon time, I think you should drive over to this residential complex over the weekend, and witness the breath-taking greenery blossoming on site.

Sector 120 is a low density sector, which means that as compared to the total population of this sector, there seems to be more open, green space for you to enjoy. One of the few parks in Noida, The Authority Park is located in Sector 120, right behind RG Residency. This park is the greenest, and the most stunning creations of urban greenery ever.

If you’re looking to buy apartment in Noida, don’t forget to check out RG Residency in Sector 120. Because you can always buy a fancy 3 BHK in one of the most expensive belts of Noida, such as Sector 71 – 78. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be a home you’d be investing in. Your home should nestle amongst the natural bed of greens, peace and quiet.

Welcome to RG Residency, where Nature comes Home.

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