Life at RG Residency

A good neighbourhood is a welcome blessing. RG Residency is a vivacious world of its own, celebrating the notions of life and comradeship. At RG Residency, every day is a collage of sunshine, laughter and immense unity. Living here transforms the way one looks at life. Life at RG Residency is everything that the residents have ever dreamt of.

Welcome to RG Residency, where happiness comes home!

International Yoga Day Celebration
21st June, 2018

Since centuries, yoga has symbolised peace of the mind, the body and the soul. Living in a world that is overcrowded with stifling notions of materialism and the rat race to be on the top of the world, can be quite exhausting. Fleetingly snapping out of the material world, the residents of RG Residency have come together within a united space, to undergo a session of spiritual cleanse. Watch how Life @ RG Residency is much more than the confines of one’s apartment, and how sometimes in life, one needs to slow down and self-introspect for inner peace. Do the Yoga. Live the Good Life @ RG Residency

Times Bachpan Guly Event
16th April, 2018

Childhood is the foundation of a person’s life, and therefore, it is supposed to be the most beautiful time. The more magical this time is, the more it feels like fresh water slipping through one’s hands; it just whizzes away too quickly, doesn’t it? Since age is just a number, RG Group presents Times Bachpan Guly, a frolic fete for people of all ages, in collaboration with Times of India. Watch how the residents of RG Residency walk down the memory lane, which shows them a blindingly beautiful glimpse of their childhood. Life @ RG Residency is a collage of some of the best times of these people’s lives.

Republic Day Celebration
26th January, 2018

Away from the universe that has a million and one happenings transpiring, all at the same time, lies a world where the sentiment of patriotism courses through the veins of the people, thicker than blood. RG Residency presents to you some shots that are the truest reflection of what RG Group stands for; independence with a modernised mind-set. Watch the residents of RG Residency celebrating the Republic Day 2018, with a feeling of pride. Experience the joy of these residents, as they festively sing and dance through the day, to celebrate the nation’s most honoured moment.



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