Let’s Understand the Difference between Carpet, Super and Built-Up Area

Jun , 28
Let’s Understand the Difference between Carpet, Super and Built-Up Area

Good news for everybody!

Now, the promotion/sale of any residential project/apartment will compulsorily happen on the basis of carpet area. The builder is not allowed to promote their project on the basis of super, or built-up area.

How many of you just said, “Say what?” right after reading the joyous declaration above?

Many of us wouldn’t know the difference between carpet, super and built-up area, in a million years. Technical terms like such, in real estate sector, could very well sound like an extra-terrestrial creature talking to you in gibberish. However, there’s nothing in this world that can’t be solved. We’re here to simplify the real estate jargon for you, bit by bit. There is a huge difference between carpet, super and built-up area. This is the kind of difference, which is important to be aware of, because buying your own house is like finding a diamond in the rough; simple extraordinary and momentous.

Without beating around the bush, let us understand the difference between carpet, super and built-up area.

1. Carpet Area

In very simple terms, carpet area is the area that can be enclosed with the help of a carpet, excluding the walls of the interior. So you imagine the floors of your apartment, without the thickness of the walls inside, and measure the total area of the premises. That would be the carpet area of your home sweet home. Carpet area will give you a truer picture of the property that you’re about to buy, principally because that is the area that you can actually use up inside your estate. Carpet area doesn’t include the common spaces, such as, the elevators, clubhouse, gym etc. Therefore, any builder selling you an apartment, based on the carpet area is giving you the realest picture of what you’re about to invest in.

Built-Up Area – Wall Area = Carpet Area

2. Built-Up Area

Carpet Area + Wall Area = Built-Up Area

You don’t have to go through a whole lot of algebra, to understand that if you include the thickness of the walls into the total carpet area, you’d get the built-up area of your purchased property. Even your balcony area comes under the category of built-up area.

For instance, your apartment at XYZ Residency has an area of 2000 square feet (built-up area), then around 70% of this area will be absolutely usable (carpet area), which is 1400 square feet; the rest 30% (600 square feet) of it is not usable.

3. Super Built-Up Area

Super Built-Up Area is something where you get to include the common area too, whilst doing the math. So, the common area such as, life, parking, corridor, lobby etc. can be easily included in this area, a detail that becomes rather advantageous for the builder, during the project’s promotion. However, since the common area isn’t what you’re aiming to pay for, and can’t be called as your personal property, super built-up area isn’t advantageous to the customer.

A lot of builders count the gym, clubhouse, swimming pool area too, whilst measuring the total area of the estate. Super Built-Up Area is therefore called the “saleable” area, because since a long time, builders have tried their best to monetise as much area constructed by them, as possible. Let us take an example here, for a better understanding of the concept.

If an apartment is worth 1500 square feet of area, and its common area is worth 750 square feet, then the total super built-up area would be 2250 square feet.

Built-Up Area + Common Area = Super Built-Up Area

How does RG Residency Come into the Picture?

RG Residency

RG Group established RG Residency, a beautiful landscaped podium residential project in Sector 120, Noida, in the year 2015, with the idea of transparency for complete customer satisfaction. Since then, RG Residency has made more than 1300 families want to buy instant extravagant life here. What’s different about RG Residency is the fact that the loading factor (space which includes the proportional stake of the common area for a flat) of the apartments here, is lesser than the loading factors at other residential properties. Usually, builders also include the area around the staircase and elevators whilst calculating the loading factor of an apartment. The loading factor at RG Residency is rather lesser as compared to even some of the most famed builders in Delhi NCR region. Come and check out 3/3.5 BHK apartments at affordable prices in one of the finest residential projects in the region of Noida.

Also, don’t forget to keep up with the super built-up, built-up and carpet area of your dream home. Become the educated buyer that we want you to be.

Now, you can sit back, smilingly read that fantastic news at the beginning of the blog, and thank us later for being your fairy godmother!

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