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It’s Time to give your Home a Festive Makeover

December, 18
It’s Time to give your Home a Festive Makeover

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner.

The internet is filled with videos, images, songs, memes and all kinds of festive content. Children are on pins and needles as of now, waiting for Santa Claus to sneak in and shower them with gifts as they pretend to sleep at night. The atmosphere itself smells of wintery festivities. I’m sure there’s not one person in this world who isn’t excited about the upcoming festivities. Because I sure as hell am!

A man who hopelessly believed in the spirit of Christmas, once said, “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air”. However, dear Reader, I urge you to not dismiss your Home Sweet Home, at this precious moment.

Because Christmas in the Home puts a beautiful Christmas in the air.

Speaking of the air, I think it’s time that your humble abode also sings to you of the impending celebrations. Of course, your home must look nothing short of a Paradise as of now. Nevertheless, it’s time to give your home a festive makeover!

Maybe you could take some inspiration from my mother? She is the most amazing person, in terms of festival decorations. I mean, my father and I love watching her loitering about the house, with pretty fairy lights dangling through those thin fingers. I’m sure that by the time Christmas arrives, our home would look like a carnival caravan.

And who doesn’t love carnivals, right?

Mentioned below are a few pointers on how you can beautify your home, this festive season. Now that you’ve read this far so studiously, might as well check them out once!

1. Colour me like one of your Picture-Perfect Homes

Words can’t describe how important this festive season is. I don’t know about Christmas, but New Year’s is practically a life do-over for me. And a home make-over time for my darling mother. For her, the mood of our family members is directly proportional to the ambience of the house.

Talking about the ambience…

Your Home could be the most colourful one right now, and it won’t be enough, I consider. If it’s not the most colourful one in the neighbourhood, turn it into one. The more colourful your place of residence will be, the merrier you and your family will feel.

For instance, my parents’ 2 BHK flat in Noida is by far the most vibrant apartment out there; all thanks to my mother’s liking for colours. Now that it’s Christmas, my mother is making sure that she injects a dash of red, green, white and golden into the interior of our household.

2. This Winter Season, Layer It Up!

Besides the fact that it’s time for you to pull out your sweaters, cardigans, mufflers and all things woollen, to welcome the arrival the winter season, guns blazing; I think it’s also time for your house to be layered up beautifully.

My mother had this idea, whilst we were all sitting for lunch, on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. She wanted to decorate our property in Noida Extension in layers. The next day, our 2 BHK flat in Noida Extension had cute oversized snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. The television stand had aromatic flowers put together in an attractive vase. And the dining table was decorated with tall candlesticks for vintage feels. In that moment, our home had never looked prettier.

I am so excited for the Christmas party that’s going to happen at our place this year. Surely, my friends are going to be awestruck looking at our breath-taking Christmas decorations.

3. The Time to Turn the Tables

You need to give a makeover to your dining table. On New Year’s eve, as you and your family sit for dinner on that renovated beauty, with transformative resolutions in your mind, I want you to feel happy and the most festive that you ever can.

Start off with a gorgeous tablecloth. Maybe place an elegant candelabrum also. I’ve seen my cousins get inspired by my mother’s sense of style and revamp their dining tables, using creative colour palettes. I remember how one of my sisters took the inspiration from our 2 BHK in Greater Noida, went back home to her 3 BHK in Noida Extension, decorated the dining table with metallic colours and then, sent us amazing pictures of the end result.

4. Bring a Festive Vibe to those Linens

If you didn’t know this, then let me tell you that your linens are in grave need of a festive transformation. For example, my parents went for shopping yesterday and bought a set of tartan pillow covers. Apparently, those pillow covers are a tribute to Christmas and Santa Claus. It was for my little brother’s room. Now, in a fit of excitement, my little brother wants a Santa blanket too, for the bed.

Like I said, our home in Noida looks like a carnival caravan.

Nonetheless, I am not complaining, even for a second.

5. My Home Looks Lit!

I wasn’t kidding earlier, about my mother playing around with fairy lights. With the help of my father, she has embellished our entire apartment, the interiors and the exteriors with fairy lights. I swear, my house looks like a magical realm right now. If anything, our entire residential property in Noida Extension looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale.

For all you home buyers, waiting to ornament their humble abode this festive season and many more in the near future, it’s too bad that my residential project is completely sold out, as of now.

However, I do believe in the saying, “Don’t give up; great things take time”.

Worry not, because I have with me the Next Best Residential Project in Town

Buying a home is a life-changing decision, one that needs all the thought and time in the world. Christmas has almost arrived and for those of you who still haven’t found their dream home, might not be able to celebrate this Christmas in their own Home Sweet Home. Nevertheless, the next Christmas could very well be the one for you, your family and your very own home.

I have a property in mind, just for you, which is being designed and constructed in the most thoughtful manner.

Introducing RG Luxury Homes, where Exclusivity has a New Address.

This is one of the new and upcoming residential project in Noida Extension. It promises abundant luxury, quality, and exclusivity in the form of a gated community, with a touch of affordability. I’m sure that you and your family’s Christmas and New Year celebrations for many years to come will be unforgettable extravaganzas, if you decide to buy apartment in Noida (Extension), RG Luxury Homes.

I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate their New Year’s in an apartment that has 3 spacious balconies? Or sing Christmas carols on the greenest podium garden ever, with a beautiful Christmas tree towering over you, in your line of vision?

If you daydream of a home that is exclusive to your tastes and preferences, then RG Luxury Homes is definitely the one for you. Need I remind you that this residential project is the new address for all things lavish and exclusive?

On that note, I hope your Christmas and New Year’s has a happily-ever-after, with you booking your family home at RG Luxury Homes.

And then, there is no chance that your Christmas won’t be Merry, and your New Year’s won’t be Happy!

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