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How is "Life in an Apartment" Better than "Life in an Individual House"? - RG Group

How is "Life in an Apartment" Better than "Life in an Individual House"?

November, 23
How is Life in an Apartment Better than Life in an Individual House?

Are you a firm believer of the old-fashioned ideology where living in a multiple storeyed individual house, sounds fancier than living in a 3 BHK apartment?

"It's not how big the house is, it's how happy the home is." – Anonymous

Well, it doesn't take this person’s name, for us to understand that they're absolutely right. For me, the size of the house is rather insignificant. As long as I am a happy soul inside my 2 BHK flat in Noida, even a bouquet of splendid bungalows towering in front of me, would hardly matter.

It's okay to think that your life in an individual house would be something straight out of a cheesy Bollywood romance movie. However, I want to enlighten you about the advantages of living in an apartment that is based out in a residential society. I am the perfect example for this case study, honestly. Halt not, because I want you to learn and grow from my beautiful experience of "Life in a Residential Society".

1. The People

My family and I used to live in an individual house in Noida, which had 2 spacious storeys and stunning decor. It was fun living there. As a family, we bonded a little too much, because there were hardly any people out there in the neighbourhood. Mostly, my mother depended on us for companionship; my little brother didn’t have many friends to play with.

We loved our property in Noida.

Then, our lives took a turn, and we had to move to a residential society in one of the sectors of Noida itself.

The residential establishment, in which we bought our 2 BHK property, already housed more than 1300 families. No, it wasn’t too crowded. Yes, the hustle-bustle and the chiming laughter of the kids was like music to our ears. My mother started making friends, as time progressed. My sweet little brother also had fellow kids for amusing playtime.

Those 1300 festive families living at our residential complex made us feel like, all was well in the world.

2. The Security

First of all, our residential society is an exclusive gated community, where outsiders can enter only after being screened by the security personnel. This place has 3-tier security. From the CCTV cameras to the security staff that is trained to watch the premises like a hawk, everything in this residential development is absolutely in place, in terms of security.

Admittedly, we didn’t have a well-equipped security system whilst living in that 2 storeyed house. Every time my father travelled outside for work, he would be worried sick about the family’s welfare.

But after looking at the kind of care that the security personnel showed toward our wellbeing, post moving in, my father just thought, "Exactly why hadn’t we done this before?!".

3. The Amenities

These gorgeous flats in Noida came with another advantage.

We realised that procurement of the necessities didn’t involve driving about Noida/Greater Noida for hours. We just had to step out the premises of our apartments for basic things like, medicines, food, money etc. Also, there’s tennis court, badminton court, skating rink and so much more in the name of sporty amenities.

Self-Realisation: Our lives in that individual house were a whole lot tougher!

4. Freedom of Action

As of now, I can do whatever I want, without having to worry about unnecessary interruption.

And it’s not just with me; even my little brother can play in that colourful kids play area, without my parents having to fret about street vehicle interruption. My mother can freely walk around the lush, green podium garden, with her friends. We get all the freedom in the world to do anything we want.

And why won't we? After all, this residential society is a world that has been constructed for us, exclusively.

5. The Luxuries

Guess what? These ready to move in flats in Noida come with yet another advantage.

I know, right? The list of advantages seems to be endless!

Luxury 1: Our 2 BHK apartment is superbly spacious, and easy to maintain.

Luxury 2: This apartment was bought at an affordable price.

Luxury 3: We live in a low density sector, which means that there’s more space and green area, less human population, as compared to other sectors in Noida. Sector 120 is populated just perfectly.

Luxury 4: There’s Dominos right inside our residential society!

Luxury 5: Various celebratory events for enjoyment of the residents keep happening inside of the society.

Luxury 6: There’s free car parking for us! Now, we don’t worry about our car getting vandalised by a naughty kid, or mauled to pieces.

I don’t think me and my family would’ve been the recipient of so many luxuries while living in our individual house.

Moral of the story: Our apartment was handed to us at a less cost, but a whole lot more benefits!

Lo and Behold, the Name of this Amazing Residential Society!

The real estate companies in India are offering the best of their creations, as of today. It was one hell of a task for my family to search for a residential society that would offer the best of everything. After months of R&D, we finally decided to buy our Home Sweet Home at RG Residency, in Sector 120.

And here comes the most amazing news; RG Residency is a property for sale right now. So, without further delay, you should call these guys at 9560096006 for a site visit. Like I said earlier, I want you guys to learn and grow from my experience at RG Residency.

My experience says nothing but this; At RG Residency, Happiness Comes Home.

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