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August , 10
Global Warming is leading to a Literal Meltdown of Roads

Allow me to tell you a fact that will blow your mind, for sure.

Fact: Global Warming is not a myth, as opposed to what the American president, Mr Donald Trump constantly tweets.

Okay, perhaps, this piece of information wasn’t much of a shocker to you. Clearly, it isn’t as important to the media as well. Apparently, the mass media coverage of climate change during the recent years has declined. Now, isn’t that a revelation?

Nevertheless, I am a strong supporter of environment conservation. Yes, Global Warming exists. I am talking about the kind of global warming, which doesn’t care much about the melting of your chocolate ice-cream cone. This climate change is the kind that believes in melting roads and roofs in the United Kingdom, literally (thanks to, The Weather Channel), in the middle of scorching summer of 2018.

Real estate has a huge role in the environment conservation agenda. Builders have started to take initiatives to implement sustainability in their construction practices. I had read a little about sustainable construction practices in the real estate sector, but hadn’t really seen it with my own eyes. Then, one fine Sunday afternoon, I got to experience it. Let me tell you about this beautiful landscaped podium residential project that I visited a few weeks back in Sector 120, Noida. One of my good friends had invited me to a family lunch. Clearly, that lunch affair at RG Residency (the place my friend lives at) was amazing, enough for me to share it with you guys.

If you’re a home buyer, who is also an active member of the Go Green committee, you would want to know more about how RG Residency believes in all things green.

1. Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for on-site use. Delhi is going through some serious water crisis, is what I read in the news. 90% of Delhi is in the critical zone, as the ground water level is dipping with each passing day. It was pleasantly surprising for me to hear that RG Residency has a strict provision for rainwater harvesting. This rainwater is further used on-site, for miscellaneous purposes such as, in the bathroom, and watering the plants to make them look greener.

At least someone cares about the environment, was my very first thought.

2. Immense Greenery

The green podium space of around 4.5 acres enraptured my senses. This green space was expansive and unobstructed. Nothing short of a perfect setting for some blissful family time, right? I could imagine myself with my wonderful family, picnicking on that green podium. Doesn’t the imagination look stunning in your head as well?

Besides the podium area, a lot of natural plantation has been done in the residency. Wherever you will go, your eyes will encounter a whole lot of the vibrant colour green.

3. Strategic Location

RG Residency is a residential project that has been strategically developed in Sector 120. My friend graciously enlightened me, telling that Sector 120 is a low density residential area. This region hosts lesser buildings, lesser people, lesser pollution and more green space. Mentioned below is how I mentally equated all the information that my friend gave me.

Lesser Buildings = Less Obstruction = More Air Circulation and Sunlight = Limitless Sparkle So far, things are looking up.

4. Thoughtfulness in the Design

Okay, I was bit by the bug of curiosity. I went to the sales office for more information on this property. The sales guy started to give me his basic sales pitch, which he probably gives to all his customers. But I listened anyway, because I wanted to satiate my interest.

Anyway, he was a good conversationalist too.

The sales dude told me something very interesting.

RG Residency has a funnel-shaped layout plan. In comparison to the cylindrical-shaped layouts, this design makes sure that there is an increased air pressure in the premises. The funnel-shaped plan ensures that your surroundings are blessed with ample ventilation. RG Residency is different from most residencies, where you might feel like the walls are closing down upon you.

Let me quote Mr Sales Guy here, for your better understanding. He clearly said, “RG Residency is like a breath of fresh air. Literally!”

5. Green, Green, and More Green

Apparently, these sales people at RG Residency care about my pocket. By the end of their sales spiel, I was sold on the fact that they had the perfect recipe to save a fortune on my eye-opening electricity bill.

The homes at RG Residency are luxuriously spacious. The benefit of multiple balconies, even in a 1 BHK allows abundant sunlight and fresh air to pass through the apartment. Consequently, your home will remain naturally cool, most of the times. You won’t have to turn on the AC for a moment’s relaxation. Availability of natural light will let you keep those tube lights switched off most of the times.

If you have a fondness toward nature and openness, you would be a happy camper at RG Residency.

Another fact that I want you guys to know.

There are barely any Authority Parks in Noida.

Shocking, right?

Nevertheless, RG Residency adjoins the prominent Authority Park. This park is one of the most spacious pieces of property in the entire region of Noida. Philander about the premises as much you want. Soak in the boundless prairies of green. Let your kids roll around on the beautiful grassy knolls. Can’t you already visualise yourself having the time of your life? In a place that is the truest reflection of a splendid lifestyle…

Why should you Care?

How do you define quality of lifestyle?

Is it defined by glamorous, golden chandeliers hanging off the ceiling of your ₹5 crore apartment? Or is it defined by a fancy Lamborghini leisurely parked in your driveway?

Well, all those material things are amazing to dream about. However, the quality of your life must be majorly defined by a home that values the environment.

Hopefully, you aren’t thinking along the lines of, “Who the hell needs environment?”

For starters, environment is the foundation of all civilisation. You need it for the most basic thing, like sustenance.

You need to move into a residency that loves the environment, so that it can love you back just as much. Buy apartment in Noida, Sector 120.

FYI, RG Residency is offering beautiful 3/3.5 BHK flats in Noida at the most affordable price ever. You should definitely go for a site visit, breathe in the fresh air, give your poor lungs a reprieve from all the polluted air, and enjoy the airy premises. The key to a greener planet is in your hands. After all, “Hum Haare Nahi, Hare Log Hain!”

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