Analysing Greater Noida (West) as a Location Gold Mine

January, 10
Analysing Greater Noida (West) as a Location Gold Mine

The forefathers of Greater Noida knew that it was going to be the greatest city ever. Hence, the name.

Since its inception, Greater Noida has been Juliet to so many real estate Romeos. The biggest builders in the industry have romanced this city in the best way possible, and turned it into a beautiful real estate jungle.

You know my love for Greater Noida knows no bounds, right? I mean, I believe that it is a great city for residential purposes, and I have written all about it in a previous blog, which you should definitely read, if you still haven’t.

Now, let’s broaden our horizon a bit. Noida Extension is a huge city, with so many residential projects, promising you all kinds of things. The list of promises is endless. Personally, I want to break Greater Noida into various fragments, and have a closer look at these each of these fragments.

For instance, today’s blog is all about how Greater Noida (West) is a Location Gold Mine.

If you’re a home buyer, it is important that you ask questions. Come on, ask me why Greater Noida (West) is a Location Gold Mine? Well, mentioned below are a few solid reasons to clear your doubts.

1. Home at a Competitive Price

Like I said, when Greater Noida came into the picture, every real estate builder wanted a piece of it. They wanted to marry Greater Noida (West), and turn it into a realty stunner. Over the years, countless flats in Noida Extension started to come up. Before we knew it, so many builders had already built their property empires in this city, and now, they wanted their audience to make the best out of this property extravaganza. The demand for apartments and villas in Greater Noida couldn’t keep up with the rapidly rising supply. Therefore, the prices of the property started to drop.

Let’s talk about today’s price scenario in Greater Noida (West). The property here is astonishingly affordable. So many property moguls are constructing magnificent flats for sale in Greater Noida (West), at the same time not compromising with the affordability factor.

When the cost of your Dream Home is so affordable, what is stopping you from exploring this space?

2. The Commercial Hub

As you drive through this NCR arena, besides the residential projects in Greater Noida West, you’ll notice many commercial projects coming up, as well. Obviously, to fulfil the demand of the increasing residential population, the real estate guys would have to build commercial centres as well. And boy, are these commercial centres going to happening!

In a couple years, you’re going to witness some of the most happening and equipped shopping complexes in Greater Noida West. For all you know, you won’t even have to drive all the way to Delhi for something that you think you won’t get in Greater Noida West. So if you think that moving into a house that’s based out in Noida Extension is going to hamper your valuable shopping time, I believe you should think again.

3. Proposed Metro Station

The government recognises Greater Noida West’s need for metro connectivity. Therefore, the work for proposed metro stations in this area is in full swing, as of now. If this happens, within the next 2-3 years, commute will be nothing short of a walk in the park for everyone living in Greater Noida West, for instance, for somebody waiting to buy a 2 BHK flat in Noida Extension.

4. The Green Dream

I feel grateful for these new and upcoming residential projects in Noida and Noida Extension. The builders have made sure to inculcate massive green areas amidst the bouquet of buildings. Evidently, modern real estate has transcended to a level that manages to smoothly blend nature and concrete. Speaking of Greater Noida West, apparently, 22% area of its sectors is green, according to an article by Square Yards.

5. The Basic Amenities

Noida Extension is a planned city, indeed. From availability of schools, to medical accessibility; everything here is located within easy reach for the residential crowd.

6. The Residential Population

The fact that Greater Noida West is brimming with splendid residential projects, can’t be reiterated enough times. These residential complexes have affluent suburban crowd living inside of them. Undoubtedly, the better the crowd, the safer the community.

After all, it’s the people who create the world you live in.

7. The Airport

Jewar Airport is coming up in Greater Noida, very soon. We know it’s an important project, because our government is spending over a whopping ₹1200 crore for its land acquisition, according NDTV news channel. Also, as per the techno-economic feasibility report, this airport will be equipped to accommodate around 70 million passengers, according to Business Standard.

With the metro and the airport, the connectivity issue is going to be a thing of the past, for sure.

The Perfect Residential Society in Greater Noida West, Just for you!

Do you know what I want for you?

The Perfect Home in the most perfect setting.

Because there are just too many options out there, and as a home buyer, you need to have a clear vision of the kind of Home you want to invest in.

Are you looking to buy property? Allow me to sketch out your visionary home right here, for you.

Welcome to RG Luxury Homes, where Exclusivity has a New Address.

I think, because of projects like RG Luxury Homes, Greater Noida West is a location gold mine. This project offers the best of everything; lush greenery across 7.5 acres, 3 side open spacious apartments, sunlit balconies for chilly winters, abundant sports facilities, 4 high-speed lifts in each tower, 3 tier security for familial safety on round the clock basis, and a whole lot more.

RG Luxury Homes is an exclusive world of its own. Here’s another vision for you; imagine yourself sunbathing on the podium garden, on a cold winter afternoon. You won’t even have to go anywhere to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Because your Home will bless you with a bed of green, for times when you want to enjoy some time around nature.

My suggestion? Make the most out of this gold mine.

Because sometimes in life, it’s okay to be a gold digger.

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