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RG Group the pioneer in bringing transparency and hassle free buying procedures is committed at simplifying buying procedures so as to make the experience a pleasant one. The Logo of the group is developed in sync with Group’s Brand Identity which signifies the said philosophy of primacy of customer satisfaction.
The thought behind the colour of our Logo:
Maroon: The colour which is associated with the colour of mother earth denotes the ability to identify and control one’s own powers and thoughts. The presence of Maroon colour in our Logo symbolizes bravery, and earthly &materialistic pleasures of life. The colour stands to represent the humanly aspiration to possess a home of one’s own, a desire that stands tall in the hierarchy of human wish list.


Steel: “The Grey colour denotes qualities like conventional, dependable and practical. It is a colour of maturity and responsibility. Because of these symbolic meaning it is a colour that represents something which is too safe and toned down. It also signifies strength and toughness with no weaknesses. The presence of Grey colour in our Logo confirms the strength of our promise and commitment.”


The Pyramid: The pyramid in our Logo represents the commonality that Humans share with the one of the oldest architectural marvel. The marvel over the centuries has come to represent an innate sense of harmony and unity within ourselves and with the environment around us. Similarly, RG Group is built on the foundation of harmony between the customers, investors, associates and the Group. As the pyramids have stood through the test of time similarly, our commitment and buildings too stand unwavering.


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