5 Reasons Why Buying a House is Better Than Renting it

May , 31
5 Reasons Why Buying a House is Better Than Renting it

The home of your reverie!

Should you rent it? Or should you buy it?

Isn’t that the endless debate wrapped around your train of thought, like a choking noose to your neck? If you’re living in a house on rent, or having second thoughts about buying that beautiful 3 BHK apartment for yourself and your beloved family, then it must be an alarming topic on your mind. Let us tell you that a home-buying decision must be made only after you’ve done your research fairly thoroughly, starting with the question that the dreamy house that you’re determined to buy is better off if you just rented it instead.

Nevertheless, buying a house is way better than renting.

Like they say, knowledge is power, and we’re here to make you more powerful, right this second. Mentioned below are the 5 reasons why buying the home of your daydreams is a better options, as compared to renting it.

1. You Get to Creatively Experiment

You can’t even hammer a nail inside one of the walls of your rented apartment, without asking for permission from the landlord. You’ve got to be considerate of your kids, who have always wanted to paint the walls of their rooms into brilliant shades of their favourite colours. The apartment you’re living in is not owned by you, and hence, you don’t get the benefit of deciding to do whatever you want with it, in terms of home styling. From putting up a chandelier on the ceiling, to painting the wall a shade of romantic lilac, you would have to go through an annoying inquisition session with the landlord every time.

Hence, buying trumps renting by a long shot.

2. You Build Equity as the Time Passes

Without digging into technical jargon that might not be the most comprehensive to you, let us simply say that every time you pay the mortgage of your house, a percentage of it gets paid up as interest, and the rest gets paid up as the principal amount. Every buck that you pay for the loan’s principal gets converted into equity, which implies that a fraction of the complete property you booked at a certain percentage, is now officially owned by you.

In case of renting, the money that you hand over to your landlord is not doing you any good anyway, in terms of investment that is. The rent that you pay to the house owner, is an income to him, and an expense to you.

No investment, no profit, only a recurring expenditure incurred at the hands of yourself.

3. The Mortgage You Pay Stays the Same

The mortgage payment of your home tends to stick to a certain amount till the time you’ve completely paid it off, as opposed to the amount of rent that you have to pay off every year. If you’re paying a lakh worth of money as rent, to the home-owner, in the year 2017, then there is a fat chance that the rent of that same house will appreciate in the year 2018, hence, burdening you with a higher expenditure budget, and making the landlord even richer.

4. A Place You Can Call Your Own

Let’s get that reality check, once and all, okay?

A rented house is not your own, regardless of the fact that you bought a bucket load of furniture to make it fine-looking. The house that you buy is the only one that you can ever call your own, regardless of the fact that you don’t spend even a penny to beautify it. An apartment that you invest your hard-earned money in, even if an ordinary 1 BHK, will always provide to you and your kids a sense of belonging. In a world where everything and everybody feels like a misfit toy, your child and you yourself can use that welcoming sense of belongingness.

Therefore, yes, buying a house is much more than a decision about monetary investment.

5. Your House Considerably Rises in Value

If you are convinced with the fact that investing in the stock market will fill your pocket with a thick wad of cash, then get ready to hear something exciting. Buying a house can make you richer than most investments. Plus, the fact that you can put out your house on rent is another added advantage of actually owning one. This way, you get to be the landlord and bask in the luxury of side income.

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