5 Décor Tips to Bring Positivity into your Home Sweet Home

Jul , 10
5 Décor Tips to Bring Positivity into your Home Sweet Home

A Home Styling Initiative by RG Group

For all our hyperventilated married blog readers, here comes an advice of the superlative assortment.

A positive house, always directs you to a positive spouse.

If a blindingly broad grin just crept up your lips, as you read the words of assistance mentioned above in italics, then your house needs to become your home sweet home, aka, the ultimate peaceful haven.

Whoever said, “Positivity comes from within”, surely hasn’t met an interior decorator. One doesn’t have to exhibit the sunniest disposition on round the clock basis, at least not when your house looks like straight out of the “Lazy Boy 101” magazine. There are ways and means to feel peaceful from the inside and out, by decorating your place of residence in the nicest ways possible.

After all, you are what your house looks like, right?

Let us discuss the 5 décor tips to create a positive home environment.

1. More Things to Let Go Of

There must be possessions in your home that must not be the most required, and yet, you’re holding onto them. The key is to de-clutter your house. Rid your place of residence of all the belongings that are simply unnecessary. Less mess = More Peace of Mind

Try your best to keep your place clean. Mop the floors, hide the cables and wires, or at least keep them out of your line of vision. Indulge in regular sessions of dusting the furniture. Always remember that cleanliness will bring positivity into your home.

2. Because Lighting Matters

Other than the fact that light can get really annoying when flashed directly into your eyes, mood lighting can be an effective method to tranquilise the ambience of your home. Shades of blue, ember, off-white, and golden can easily be best friends with your temper, turning it into a sunny one almost all the time. No wonder most restaurants and eateries use mellow lighting as the decisive weapon to make you feel good, and get that enjoyable meal experience.

3. A Space to Chill Out

Listen up carefully, because this could be one of the most important words of guidance ever!

It is very important to just chill.

You know why? Because in a world where anything and everything is entangled in a web of war, lies, greed, and hysterical competition, you need some time to yourself, when you can just sit back, put on your sunglasses and simply chill out.

Your home sweet home should have an exclusive area, where you can do whatever in the world makes you super happy. It could be yoga, meditation, dancing, or maybe even, binge-eating; but you must have your personal lair to relaxation. Paint it up with soothing colours such as, pink, lilac, or blue, and turn it into a place where you don’t have to worry about things like, your grumpy boss, or that boring 9-5 desk job.

Next thing you know, all the positivity in the world will be hopping at your feet, begging to be acknowledged.

4. Kill the Noise

You know what’s worse than a broken air conditioner on a sweltering day in Delhi? It’s the crass cacophony reverberating inside your house, and wreaking mental havoc. Let’s face it; noise pollution is never going to be a good friend to you.

Try your best to not let too much noise enter the premises of your home. Surely, with all that honking of the horns and agitated people shouting at each other; you’re not going to be meditating in peace, are you? Choose the sound proofing route and block all kinds of irritating noises that threaten to encroach upon your peaceful moments. You can get for the walls of your house, inexpensive sound-muffling fibre-boards (reprocessed cardboard material), and paint those with the colour of your choice.

5. Go Green to Feel Serene

Your home is screeching for a natural touch. Decorate it with beautiful green plants, and aromatic flowers, so that you never cease to lose touch with the nature. If your budget says yes, go for an indoor water fountain, which makes you smile whenever you look at or pass by it. Avoid usage of synthetic material inside your home sweet home; use materials like, jute, wood, cotton etc. The more you will feel close to nature, the more you will feel close to serenity.

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