4 Reasons Why the Monsoon Season is the Best Time for you to buy a Home

July , 2
4 Reasons Why the Monsoon Season is the Best Time for you to buy a Home

Everything about rains is beautiful. From the mellifluous pitter-patter as the raindrops hit the ground, to the refreshing chill that seeps through the bone, everything about the monsoon season is absolutely mesmerising. Whilst reading this blog, if you happen to imagine yourself slurping down a cup of hot ginger tea, with your eyes goggled to the drizzly view outside the window and your fingers permanently attached to the lip-smacking fried goodies, then we won’t blame you even for a second. Rains have the ability to seduce anyone into a life of cosiness.

Speaking of cosiness, doesn’t that imagination described above sound much better in your head, with you doing all of those things in your own house? If you live in a rented apartment, and feel like pulling your hair every instant the roof leaks, then we’re sure that time has come to move out and find yourself the apartment of your dreams.

Guess what? Monsoon is the best season for you to buy a house!

In the words of the legendary singer, Bob Marley, “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” Now that it’s the rainy season, we want you to hop out into the real world, feel the rain and explore the best of what the residential real estate has to offer. Check out the 3 reasons why the monsoon season is the best time for you to buy a home.

1. Infrastructure in Chaos

Being a citizen of a metropolitan city can be quite tough, especially in rains. A city like Delhi or Mumbai, which is already a hodgepodge of noise and chaos, sees even more bleak days as it starts pouring. Irritating issues like, traffic jams and water clogging, soon become your best friends. Amidst all that abstract beauty and the pitter-patter, you start to see the reality of what the monsoon season actually looks like in an overcrowded metropolitan city.

Look at the bright side though; you can make sure that you visit a residential site during this season, when the traffic is at its worst. Since getting a public transport while it’s raining can be nothing short of a nightmare, you must make sure that this characteristic is not disregarded during the site visit. Also, it would be beneficial for you to get a glimpse of the water clogging situation.

2. Construction Quality Check

What better time can there be, to have a look at the leakage and seepage issues of the residential building, than the monsoon season? Without a second doubt, monsoon is the best time to find out the truth about the quality of the construction, quality of drainage system, waterlogging, and traffic in the vicinity. Take the rainy season as a test to thoroughly examine whether your potential home can withstand the potency of that torrential downpour.

3. The Art of Negotiation

Every freaking time, the monsoons try their best to work as per your fancy. If you’re dazzled by a residential property, and are already picturing yourself frolicking in it, but suddenly, find out about the seepage issue of the building, then make sure that you get a good deal out the entire shindig. Put your bargaining skills to good use and try to negotiate the price of the property of your daydreams. Chances are that the developer will somewhat thaw through the negotiation process, cave in, and handover your dream home at a really good price.

However, strictly beware of projects, the construction quality of which might be the very definition of disastrous. At the end of the day, you must aim to get a good deal out of the project, which is worthy of the repair damages that you’re going to have to pay for in the near future. Minor issues like, seepage/leakage can be tackled with easily.

What can’t be compromised with at all (not even in the slightest bit) is the poor construction quality.

4. The Season of Discounts

The season of rains is nothing short of a festive time. To tempt customers, builders make sure to rain their property with fascinating discounts and offers, so that your eyes gleam with the hopes and dreams of purchasing it.

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Moral of the story: Feel the rains. Don’t get wet. Always carry an umbrella with you.

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