4 Reasons Why Sector 120 is the Best Residential Sector in Entire Noida

May , 23
4 Reasons Why Sector 120 is the Best Residential Sector in Entire Noida

Are you looking for the home of your dreams?

Here’s a disillusioning projection for all the home-buyers: you are out to search for a heavenly home that is located in immense greenery, complete security, and tranquillity, in a the city of Delhi, which is rather infamous for being crowded, chaotic and polluted. What’s more is that to buy a gorgeous apartment in Delhi, you’d have to be a big-shot with net-worth of a multi-millionaire. Don’t you think that owning a home should be much simpler than this?

As usual, we come bearing gifts for you. We have the solution to your location problem. What if you looked for a home in the region of Noida? The real estate market of Noida isn’t discriminatory to somebody’s financial status. You might as well be someone with a monthly income of 40,000/- per month, and still be an owner of a lavish apartment in Noida. Yes, we know that this sounds a bit hard to believe. But the truth isn’t always bitter, sometimes, it’s rather sweet.

However, even Noida is a complicated area, since it is divided into too many sectors.

Once upon a time, Noida used to be a much more peaceful place, with lesser people and reduced commotion. Now, nearly all the sectors in Noida are recipients of traffic jams and congestion. Note that the word “nearly” is of utmost importance here, because we’ve got the perfect residential sector, just for you.

Let us take you to the heart of Noida. Here are the 4 reasons why Sector 120 is the best residential sector in entire Noida!

1. Low Population Density

As compared to the sector belt of 71-78, sector 120 is rather lowly populated. It isn’t overcrowded, which makes it a sought-after area for the home buyers. Did you know that sector 78, 74 and 75 have a population density of 1000 person per hectare, as compared to Sector 120, which has a population density of 550 person per hectare? The difference seems to be huge, right?

Overcrowding = More Disorder

Low Population = Peace and Quiet

The equations above seem to say it all. The million dollar question is this; where do you want your place of residence to be positioned in?

2. Spacious, Traffic-Free Sector

Yes, even Noida has started to get super choked with people, cars and pollution. Sad, isn’t it? However, Sector 120 is free from all the vices that have the ability to give you a colossal headache. Less people, wide roads, no traffic jams, airy surroundings, are some of the details that make this sector worthy of a residential hub.

3. An Affordable Home, Just For You

The sector belt of 71-78 might not be the most suitable one for you, because the house of your dreams will come at a much higher price. Assuming that you can’t put a massive dent on your wallet, let us talk about how Sector 120 Noida flats offer you exquisiteness and extravagance at the most affordable rates.

RG Residency, Sector 120, Noida, is a landscaped podium project (the very first of its kind), which is the very definition of reasonably priced luxury. You can easily imagine your family happily living in a 3/3.5 BHK apartment, which starts at 65.70 lakhs only. Thrive in the sun-facing balconies of your new home, with a cup of tea in your hand and a contented glow on your face. You need to hurry up and call at 1800-3002-3008 right now, because only limited units are left at RG Residency. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!

RG Residency Noida


4. Only Ready to Move-In Apartments

Sector 120 in the region of Noida is decorated with residential projects that put forward only ready to move-in apartments. None of the residency is under construction in Sector 120, which increases your chances of certainty, in terms of moving into your dream home. Since this place is utterly ideal for residential purposes, most of the apartments have already been sold out. Nevertheless, people are desperately vying to get a house in this region anyway, because here, the chances of overcrowding are bare minimum.

There are residential establishments in Sectors 74, 75 and 78, which are still under construction, and yet even now, the population of these sectors is touching the sky. Imagine how many people will start to move-in once these developments have completed their construction.

The number seems to make us nauseous, already.

Now that you have a bucket load of information on why Sector 120 is one of the better residential centres in Noida, we expect you to make an educated decision. Whatever your decision may be, always remember one thing; home is where the heart is.

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