4 Must-Have Details to Be Looked Upon When Buying Your Dream Home

May , 15
4 Must-Have Details to Be Looked Upon When Buying Your Dream Home

Somebody very wise once said, “A happy home is but an earlier heaven.”, and we couldn’t agree more. However, it is rather instrumental to acknowledge the fact that it’s not just the walls of a house that make a happy home. If you’re about to open your wallet and spend a fortune on the home of your dreams, then you must do it as an educated consumer.

Everybody else on the planet might be engrossed in the agendas of dirty politics, wars and world peace, but we are here to lend you all the help in the world, in terms of prudent house purchase. Let us discuss the 4 must-have details that should be mandatorily looked upon when buying your dream home!

1. Ready to Move-In Property

With the introduction of RERA in the real estate business, the scenarios that used to look ugly have started to appear fairly sunny, something that is amazing for the end-user. But still, toying with the notion of writing a cheque for a ready to move-in property will always be one of the best ideas that you’ll ever have.

NOTE: Ready to Move-In Property = Less Uncertainty, More Assurance

There are many more tantalizing advantages that come with a ready to move-in property. To know more, check out another one of our blogs in the link mentioned below!


2. Property with an Occupancy Certificate

If you’re someone who is scratching their head looking at the screen, without a clue as to what the hell is an Occupancy Certificate, then we’re here to save you from ignorance! Even though someone once said that ignorance is bliss; a lot of times, it really isn’t, and you might end up brokenly broke by the end of the dream home debacle if you don’t educate yourself about the Occupancy Certificate, as a potential home buyer.

Once a real estate project is completed, it is important for the builder to reward the establishment with an Occupancy/Completion Certificate. This certificate is an indication of the fact that the constructed structure has complied with all the rules and regulations of the governmental authority. If your residential project hasn’t acquired an Occupancy Certificate, it might not even be a legal establishment.

Moreover, the OC plays a crucial role while applying for a home loan.

Hence, beware!

3. Central Location

Are you planning to buy a house in the middle of nowhere?

Hopefully, not.

The interiors of an apartment is just one major segment of what your dream home should be like. Let us talk about the exteriors for a minute.

If you are buying a house in a locality that has the ability to cater to your necessities, right at your doorstep, then we suggest that you should go ahead without a second doubt. After all, living in a place where the nearest grocery store is almost 10 kilometres away doesn’t sound like a reasonable situation, does it?

Location matters; always remember that.

4. A Home That is Budget-Friendly

Last but not the least, we need to talk about the most important factor in the house-purchase process, something that can’t be ignored even in a million years.

The money.

We’re guessing that you don’t have the budget of a billionaire, but a dream to own a house just as luxurious and comfortable.

The real estate market has grown immeasurably, so much that the biggest players in the market are focusing on building affordable homes for the general public. As a home-buyer, you sure do have a whole lot of options in the market. These options are astonishingly affordable and aesthetically glamorous. Why not milk the most out of an industry that is going through a case of heavy competition?

However, at the end of the day, it is not at all easy to find a home with all the 4 factors mentioned above, totally conformed with. At least not when the real estate business appears to be in the murky waters almost all the time. Most probably, you’re someone who is looking for flats in Noida, which stand up to the check list we have mentioned above.

Don’t worry, we come with a remarkable solution on a silver platter!

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